Thursday, January 01, 2009

Jacks 1st Skate

This is Jacks first time on skates, he liked it for a bit... but then he wanted to go in.  The weather hasn't been the greatest.  It sure would be nice to have some decent winter weather that is bareable to do activities in.

He is just too dang cute!!! I love this little man

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone, yes I know I haven't posted anything for along time.  Santa brought me a new computer for christmas!! So now I will have a better chance at keeping up with my blog.  I must have been a good girl, he brought me a new IMac, it is awesome!
So we had a wonderful Christmas, Troy's grandma spent christmas eve with us and slept over so that she could spend christmas morning with us, it was great to have her here with us.  Later on in the afternoon, we went over to Jenn's house for dinner, we had an awesome dinner.  Great job jen!
Now we are just relaxing and enjoying not having to go anywhere and just staying home.  The weather has finally got better... it has been just bitter cold here for the last 2 weeks.
Best wishes for everyone in the new year, I will try to post some more photos soon!
Happy New Year!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Summer Fun 08

The girls meeting their barrel racing hero, Lindsy Sears at the Strathmore rodeo. Taylor was telling her how she broke her arm, she felt really bad for Taylor, especially because she broke it after galloping on one of the miniatures that decided he didn't want Taylor on his back.
Lindsey is from Nanton, AB, but she now lives in Texas. She is leading in the Barrel Racing event and will be at the National Finals Rodeo in Vegas... She has an awesome horse named Martha.
Lindsey signing Taylor's arm
Jack kept picking up handfulls of dirt and throwing it at Lindsey... nice Jack!
Here is the little Jack myster...he is everywhere. He loved the rodeo!

I had to put these two pictures in of Reba, she is growing fast and getting prettier every day.

I thought that this was hilarious, I love the look that Reba is giving to Reggie. They play lots together.

Taylor and her beloved horse Doc

Rachel and her horse Bubba

Chelsea and her horse Dodger

Jack smilin at the camera, he is such a ham

We were outside one night just havin some fun on the are a few snapshots of the girls.....

Monday, July 21, 2008


Here we are at Spruce Meadows, and the kids found the fountain and turned it into a pool...wasn't sure if this was a good thing, but no one kicked them out!
Jack smilin at the camera! he loved his pool!
Taylor showing FERGIE at the first cattle show at Spruce Meadows
Taylor is out in front!
Getting ready to take her into her class
There were people at the show, they were all sitting on the other side in the shade
Taylor and Jack going back into the pool

Taylor and Jack found more water, this time it was on the jumping course at the water jump! Jack loved this one
Jack was just waiting to get into the show ring, he had an awesome day

Taylor did a very good job of showing her heifer, Fergie was 5th in class out of 10 I love this little wrangler butt! Awesome job T!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

It's a GIRL!!!!! Finally, she has arrived!

"Caught Me Lookin"
This is Rebas Daddy! Isn't he handsome!
Here is Dolly with her new baby REBA!
I went out this morning to check on her an saw this little blazed face looking at me!
Dolly took her sweet time having this baby, she was 6 weeks overdue!~

She was glad to see me leave her pen, she was sticking her tongue out at me!
Look at those long and skinny legs...
REBA looks just like her mom, she is going to be a Red Dunn color

Dolly is such a good mom, she is very protective of her little baby Check out the little heart shaped mark on her muzzle. Her ears are way too cute and fuzzy
She is maybe just a couple of hours old here
I love these pictures of Dolly hugging her newborn...It is too sweet to see these amazing animals connecting with their new babies... I could sit out here and watch her all day!
awww... too sweet!